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Canadian-owned and operating business. We specialize in exceptional service of selling premium basmati rice, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits of
worldwide quality for over 25 years. We import, export, wholesale, distribute, and co-pack various nuts and grains. All aspects of our service, from management, procurement, and marketing to shipping and delivery, meet the highest standards of excellence.

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Frequently asked questions

ADNOOR INC. is a Canadian-owned and operating business. Adnoor is controlled by the third generation of the family now and has been in the wholesale food distribution business for over a century, covering the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. The Company was established by the Fore Fathers in 1905 before the partition of the Subcontinent. ADNOOR quickly gained immense popularity due to the hard work and dedication of the family and their team.

In the 1900s, it was one of the first companies which started the agro based wholesale food distribution business in Pakistan. With more than 25 years of experience, we're the ones you can turn to for premium basmati rice, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds. To guarantee that every aspect of our service is impeccable, we perform everything from management, procurement, and marketing to shipping and delivery. Our modern technology ensures that quality is never compromised, and our skilled staff ensures that our customers are never dissatisfied.

Our objective has always been to build connections through Commitment in our work, Excellence in our delivery, and Loyalty in our words, because everything comes down to establishing connections with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. ADNOOR plans to become the leading agro-food distribution firm in North America, starting with rice and nuts.